Welcome to Capital Cleaning Services Canberra

Welcome to Capital Cleaning – the famous local cleaners for Canberra residents. For those who are particular about cleaning quality and customer service, we are the best choice. Canberra knows us for delivering unmatched domestic and commercial cleaning services Canberra at the lowest prices. We deliver guaranteed cleaning services that give you the freedom to live a clean, healthy, and hygienic life. You can also take advantage of our same day and emergency cleaning services. Call us and give new life to your carpets, curtains, upholstery, tiles, and grouts.

 Our Services

Curtain Cleaning Canberra

Capital Cleaning brings out the best in your curtains and blinds. Our certified and licensed professionals use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for thorough cleaning of your curtains. Be it domestic curtains or commercial blinds, we have just the right solution for everything your window coverings need. Further, we make your curtains free from dust, dirt, stains, contaminants, and pollutants. This further leads to improved indoor air quality. Switch to a healthier lifestyle by opting for our economical curtain cleaning services Canberra all across Canberra.

Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Give your carpets a magical makeover with our exclusive range of carpet cleaning solutions. From basic carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning to emergency carpet water restoration services – we cover all aspects of carpet cleaning. Capital Cleaning has been providing guaranteed carpet cleaning solutions at the lowest prices in Canberra for more than two decades. Experience the bliss of an absolutely clean and hygienic carpet by calling us today for carpet cleaning services Canberra!

Mattress Cleaning Canberra

Mattresses can lead to serious health issues if you do not keep them in a spick and span condition. And no, you literally cannot think of keeping your mattresses dirt free with home cleaning methods. Professional tools, cleaning agents, and expertise are required to do justice to your mattresses and we have it all at Capital Cleaning Canberra. Additionally, we clean not just the surface of the mattress but even remove the most deeply embedded contaminants from the fabric. Call us for an affordable mattress cleaning with money back guarantee!

Tile Grout Cleaning Canberra

Capital Cleaning offers the best kind of tile and grout cleaning services in Canberra. We do deep cleaning of the tiles and grouts to make them completely clean and hygienic. Once we are done with tile and grout cleaning, you can be sure that your kids are safe while playing on the floors. Call our experts today and get sparkling tiles at your home or office. We also provide tile sealing and grout sealing services. Call us and ask for a free quote.

Upholstery Cleaning Canberra

Capital Cleaning gives your precious upholstery a miraculous touch with our tried and tested upholstery cleaning services. Additionally, our certified cleaners have enough experience to take care of all kinds of upholstery fabrics including cotton, velvet, silk, and polyester. Further, we take special care of your leather upholstery with our exclusive leather cleaning solutions. Moreover, we add value and years of life to your upholstery with our guaranteed upholstery cleaning services. Experience the difference today!